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Welcome to VCCGuru.com where we provide Prepaid Card solution to the online payment world.


We ONLY accept Egopay, Bitcoin and Perfect Money Dollars for payment at this time.


We do not operate other Virtual Credit Card site(s) you may see on the web and we are totally independent of those sites. All Virtual Credit Cards we sell on VCCGuru.com are NOT by any means stolen credit card information. All clients who paid us through VCCGuru.com have received their card details same day without delay. If you have been scammed by other Virtual Credit Card site(s), that doesn't mean we are responsible. If you are scared of being scammed, then try our service with smaller orders. We deliver always. Please, help us tell others!

We operate officially Mondays till Saturdays, 7.00am - 6.00pm GMT. 

However, every order received after this time will be fulfilled the next business day or if Admin comes online during un-official time.

Enjoy shopping Virtual Credit Cards here with confidence!

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